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The Verisource family is comprised of a small team of specialised consultants who have been with us for over a decade now. We were founded in 2004 and since then we have been providing our clients with a proffesionl personalised service that aims to help businesses manage the risk around their human capital.

~ Verisource big enough to cope small enough to care.


picture of helen managing member

Helen Williams

Managing Memember

picture of Mukai Drivers, credit, criminal and ID checks


Drivers, credit, criminal and ID checks

picture of Nomsa accounts and admin consultant


Accounts and admin consultant

picture of Catherine Qualification verification checks


Qualification verification checks

picture of Arlene Reference checking


Reference checks

picture of victoria General assistant


General assistant


With our team of highly trained consultants we add value to your organisation and assist you in proactively managing potential people risk. Our role is to protect your business and ensure that the information provided on Curriculum Vitas or Resums is correct and not exaggerated or misrepresented in any way.